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Avoxi Call Center Solutions, Worth a Buzz? Read Our Objective Review to Find Out

Avoxi Genius Phones

Avoxi is a fintech software company that specializes in the fields of call center software solutions and international toll-free numbers. Founded back in 2001, the company claims to currently serve about 2,000 businesses. In addition to the international toll-free numbers, Avoxi specializes in local numbers, and UIFN numbers from over 160 countries.

Are they the right partner for your call center? Read this objective review to find out.

Avoxi Product Offering

Avoxi promise “risk-free” solutions. It is a strange promise, as there is always a risk in choosing the wrong vendor. Avoxi’s claim is they provide everything you might need from a telephone solutions company  – call queue management, call center IVR, automatic call distribution, round-Robin routing, call recording, their proprietary WebRTC softphone (built-in phone dialer), call monitoring, call barge, call whisper and more. All these services are wrapped up in products which are targeted to different business needs. The two basic product offerings are the Avoxi Core and the designated call center service, called Avoxi Genius. We’ll carefully go through its features now.


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Avoxi Genius

As mentioned, this is Avoxi’s primary call center solution. “Simple, Secure and Scalable” is this product’s motto and being hosted on Google Cloud most likely covers the scalable part of their promise.

Avoxi Genius - Dashboard

Once you log in, you will immediately notice that the platform is light in design, intuitive in its user experience, and fast in its web performance. Unlike some of its competitors, the landing page after log-in is the exact place a call-center manager would like be, namely the Activity screen. It serves as a dashboard and based on your role (Agent or Administrator), you can review everything you need to know about your company’s calls – date, caller ID, called number, status, duration and you can even listen to the call itself.

Avoxi Genius Licenses

The Genius’ Licenses section is the area where the admins pick the group of services they need. There are two options – Essential and Contact. The first license seems more like a product for basic office use as it includes the most standard features for a telephone solution – call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, custom called ID, etc. But wait, isn’t that a bit strange – why would the Genius product offering, which is targeting call centers, offer a standard telephone plan? Anyway, if you intend to use this software for call center needs, you really need the Contact license, which includes, in addition to the features of the Essential plan, whispering, barging, monitoring and some more cool features. Naturally, the price of these plans significantly differs.

Avoxi Prices

The built-in phone call application (WebRTC softphone) is a very good finish. It is a web terminal which utilizes the features that the respective license has. Although we have seen better, Avoxi’s efforts to make it as a one unified basis which serves the agent to do his or her job, deserves admiration.

Avoxi Phone

Some of the other features of the Genius platform include the virtual assistant, the call queue, extensive analytics and setup for particular phone numbers, etc. We will not bother you with these as they are more or less standard, but it is worth mentioning that they all follow the logic of simple.

Avoxi other cool features

Genius Costs

There are multiple reasons why you should not go cheap on your brokerage providers. However, by any standard, the Avoxi products are coming in at a premium. Although in one of their presentations, company representatives mentioned that they can offer tailor made solutions to different size companies, we cannot find evidence that serves this claim. In this respect, you cannot even register with the platform unless you have already set up your company domain and emails, which comes to tell you Avoxi is not made for everyone.

Avoxi Costs

So if you are looking for a cheap solution to just get going with a newbie brokerage, you might be better of contacting us for advice.

Platform Security

Security is a great part of Avoxi’s efforts to offer a product range that has a real fighting chance. Browsing through their security protocols and technical architecture, the account and login creation experience, the role settings and the respective permissions, makes you think that this is taken care of.

Communication and Customer Service

Avoxi support agents are there 24/7 which means technical queries will likely be answered rather quickly. There is an extensive knowledge base, manuals and tutorials about how to use the two platforms (Avoxi Core and Avoxi Genius), which shows they prefer to load up their support agents with real issues and not with every-day common questions.

Customer service aside, the overall communication messaging of the company seems a bit messed up. We already mentioned the weird case with the Essential license, part of the Genius product, but this is not an exception. Among others, it is not clear what is the actual difference between the two main product groups – Core and Genius and the website will not help your understanding.

Avoxi Core

Finally, although we love the quotes Avoxi is posting on Facebook, they are not relevant to anything the company is doing for its clients. The person in charge should be asked to simplify, purify and bring order to the chaos the company website currently lives in. This will undoubtedly be truly beneficial for their future clients. 

Final Thoughts

There is no call center without the phones and several factors are of extreme importance – continuity, quality and cost. Avoxi covers two out of three. It is a solid provider with lots of experience in technology in the area of telephone solutions. Their strengths are on the technical side of the business, which they seem to know and understand very well. They are not for everyone and they know it.

FTT Score

Based on the review above, on a scale from 1 to 10, our FinTechTycoon expert score is a warm



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