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Can Popcorn Technology Take the Heat? Check Our Review

Popcorn Technology is one of the companies in fintech which seem to be shooting for the stars and making big promises. They offer “360-degree One Box solutions for brokerage businesses”, meaning they claim to offer it all in one neat package.

Sounds good, but can they really deliver? Read on to find out.

Trading Platforms

Popcorn Tech offers a whole range of solutions, including their proprietary web trader platform, available through web and mobile. Various integrations with PSPs, Affiliate systems, PAMM and MAM plugins and VOIP are available, but they are charged as add ons. The webtrader itself looks light; but potentislly a bit outdated.

The UX is a tad disappointing it does have the necessary requisites and seems like it can provide traders with a reasonable experience. However, in spite of its light look, the CPU resources it uses make it appear like the development could do with some optimization.

The platform has relatively good charting tools and quite a few technical indicators which allow for decent analyses to be made. But when it comes to the usability of these, the user experience is frankly not the best.


As with most of its competitors, Popcorn Technology also offers a white label solution for the MetaTrader 4, which saves brokers the substantial cost of purchasing a full server license from MetaQuotes. Popcorn’s MT4 White Label Solution targets those who want to have access to the most widely used retail trading platform, the MetaTrader.


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As we have mentioned in the past, the MT4 software itself has both a desktop and a web version as well as a mobile application. All of them are easy to use and have hundreds of integrated technical indicators and expert advisors.


Popcorn Technology is also offering their own unique CRM platform, which comes as part of the package and is fully integrated with the rest of the product offering. The Back Office (Trader’s area) looks better and more modern than the web trader. It allows for various fine tunings with an affiliate tracking system, telephone solution, and it’s compatible with the MT4 WL solutions.

It also offers some good reporting and analytics tools, which can be used in order to fully optimize the business needs of the brokerage.

When it comes to flexibility, Popcorn’s CRM has many downsides, but we can definitely say it looks better than some of its competitors’ products.

Customer Support

If you are not already a paying client of Popcorn Tech you might get the impression that their services are quite chaotic. Once you manage to initially integrate and then reach an agreement with Popcorn Technology, you get a dedicated account manager who will most probably be based in Cyprus and will be with you 24/6 on tech support issues and it is very likely – 24/7 on other types of requests.

Voices from the Industry

Whenever we are conducting a review, we always try to hear other voices of industry experts about what the given offering is truly like in practice. Popcorn Technology has a lot of downsides from what we hear. Some of the groups with instruments in the webtrader for example, seem outdated and are currently empty. The interface of the webtrader itself is rather a disaster, an industry veteran mentioned privately. “It just does not look and feel good”, he continued and said that the cost of service is inadequate. Most of the people we spoke with confirmed that Popcorn Technology is trying to cover a lot of ground, rather than focusing on just a few things and making them look absolutely perfect. Which is a mistake many players in the industry do in their effort to close the circle for their clients (and maximize profit).

Final Thoughts

Popcorn Technology is making a grеat effort to tick all the boxes for a newbie broker – they offer a proprietary trading platform, MT4 white-label solution, CRM and multiple integration tools, which definitely cover a lot of ground and solve many of the issues FX businesses face. Especially those, who prefer to work with one partner in order to get a better deal. In our view, Popcorn’s claim is more artificial than real as, with the customer service and sales team being a very pleasant but unexceptional, many aspects of their business just lack what it takes to bring a brokerage  to the next level. So if you are looking for the best, Popcorn is not the place to go, and you might be better of pinging us for advice.

FTT Score

Based on the review above, on the scale from 1 to 10, our FinTechTycoon expert score is a rather underwhelming



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