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How Does Airsoft’s Trading Platform Stack Up?

Founded in 2012, Airsoft has its focus on the technical development and B2B offering of a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for margin trading. In an effort to deliver flexibility to its business partners, Airsoft Trading Platform can provide a great deal of customization of its software, which helps the company gain popularity on the fintech market. Is their platform good enough to beat the big boys in the industry? Check out our review and judge for yourself.

One Platform, Variety of Asset Classes

The company has its proprietary FX and CFD trading platform, which allows full branding. It has more than 5,000 tradable instruments and a variety of trading orders, which makes this software look like a good fit for both professional and novice traders. There is a biggest gainers and losers table for each market, which helps traders spot the most volatile instruments.

Airsoft is trying to be up-to-date with the most recent news events moving the markets, which is of key importance for both investors and speculators. As a result of that need, they have equipped their platform with a news screen and have integrated it with a trustworthy news source like Bloomberg TV.


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The trading platform has both a web and a mobile version. The web-based one has charting tools and quite a few indicators, which allow for technical analyses to be made. 

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, respectively. The software itself is light and easy to use, which makes it a good solution for trading on-the-go. At the same time, it almost completely lacks in charting tools and indicators, which restrict the ability of a trader to make even a basic technical analysis in order to time his trade better.

Airsoft Trading Platform has a lot to offer to those looking for cryptocurrency trading. In addition to the conventional crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs, the product offering includes over 1,000 more tradable synthetic assets. Client balance can be displayed in EUR, USD and GBP, but also in BTC and USDT. The software has a fully integrated and secure crypto e-wallet, which eliminates the need for a user to look for another third-party solution for storing his cryptocurrencies.

Airsoft Security

Airsoft Trading Platform is making their best effort to look like a reliable partner for businesses operating within the Forex and CFD industry. Its trading platform has been the subject of a thorough review from the Financial Commission (FinaCom), and it has been reported that they have met all the security and technological requirements of this institution. As of 18th June 2019, the company has been certified by FinaCom. This certification generally serves as a guarantee that brokers and traders are operating in a fair and transparent environment, protected from various security threats.

Customer Support

The company operates a 24/6 multi-language customer care service in several languages. There’s a dedicated team of professionals, who are ready to provide support at every stage of a brokerage firm’s development. The unit is claimed to be well prepared to address both complex IT issues and such directly related to day-to-day operations. 

A word of caution about the fact that the customer support service is only available 6, rather than 7 days a week. The financial industry is quite a busy place and some markets, such as cryptocurrencies, operate on a 24/7 basis. In this sense, the fact that a brokerage cannot count on absolutely uninterrupted support from Airsoft, should be deemed as a security risk which should not be ignored.

Voices from the Industry

Whenever we are conducting a review, we reach out to industry experts to see what the given offering is truly like in practice. “The User Interface for Airsoft users is really bad and most of the functionalities are located in places not so easy to find”, a leading expert mentioned when asked for what comes on top of his mind. “It’s really not so appealing to the customers”, another expert said. So if you are looking for something better, ping us for advice.

Final Thoughts

Airsoft has been providing technological solutions for online brokers since 2012. Although their UI is not so great, Airsoft’s Forex and CFD software is relatively popular in the financial community. With a large crypto offering, the platform has also been attracting a growing number of digital currency enthusiasts. The software is light and intuitive; it has a web and mobile version too, with the latter available for both Android and iOS users. Airsoft is regulated by FinaCom, which certifies that the firm adheres to strict technological and security standards.

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