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Is COMMPEAK a Good Call? Detailed Review


When it comes to telephone solutions, COMMPEAK is one of the companies you will probably already know and if not you will undoubtedly hear about them. People will tell you that this company offers the entire set of products from VoIP, SMS, DID, PBX and even an integrated Dialer. But are their services good enough to help bring a call center to the next level? Read our review and find out.

Product Offering
COMMPEAK is aiming high with the promise to increase the overall efficiency of their clients’ call centers. When it comes down to it, the telephones are what actually makes a call center, so having a cheap and comprehensive solution is critical. Claiming to provide “the best quality VoIP and SMS services connectivity”, COMMPEAK aims to deliver multi-channel engagement solutions. This not only includes the aforementioned, but also DID, which stands for Direct Inward Dialing (service that allows a phone number to ring through directly to a specific phone within your company instead of going to a queue and asking the caller to dial an extension), PBX or Private Branch Exchange (private telephone network used within the company) and others.

Commpeak Calls

One of the interesting services worth mentioning is the speech recognition tool. If activated it allows for recognition and transcript of most of the world’s languages, which gives a powerful instrument to the sales team.

Automated Dialer

There is no doubt that the pearl in COMMPEAK’s crown is their Automated Dialer. It is based on a set of rules, which matches the most successful agents to the most promising calls. It’s an intriguing piece of technology which allows clients to configure custom business logic into the automated phone call process. Once fully set, the smart algorithm will act like a call center manager who sees it all and knows how to answer questions such as: who is the right agent for this particular client; what’s the right time to call; is it time to remind clients about a certain offering, etc. When you add the extensive reporting available in the back office, COMMPEAK’s Automated Dialer becomes one powerful weapon.

Commpeak Servers and Integrations

Okay, all this sounds fantastic, but you should know that setting it up is not a task for a regular human being. If you are thinking of going ahead with COMMPEAK because of their Dialer, beware as the initial integration will not only engage our own technical and business team, but will also require active participation from your CRM platform team. If you haven’t yet picked a CRM, then check out our CRM & BI Archive or even easier – ping us for advice and we’ll direct you to the most suitable ones for your needs.

Commpeak Reports

Back to COMMPEAK and what does leave a bad taste is that COMMPEAK’s back office sometimes gets stuck, typically when it has to load long dropdown lists. A rather typical development deficiency, it still is one of the things that constantly annoys users.


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Commpeak Speech Recognition


Like most call center solutions, COMMPEAK too has several different pricing schemes, depending on client’s needs and most desired call destinations. A quick but not representative VOIP service comparison to some other solutions on the market, is in favor of COMMPEAK. The devil is in the details as once you start adding up some of this company’s most useful add-ons, the bill grows significantly.

Commpeak Pricing

Customer Support

One would expect a call center solution’s support team to be exemplary, but our observations have found the opposite. With a team of nice but ineffectual customer support representatives, COMMPEAK can do better on the front face of their business.

Voices From the Industry

As usual, we reached out to a team of external fintech experts to learn what their impression of COMMPEAK is. Opinions are rather positive, as the efforts and resources this company has invested into areas different than their core services, like user interface certainly deserve credit. The Dialer was indeed recognized as a useful tool, although its initial integration was compared to nuclear science.


COMMPEAK has an extensive list of services, great UI and competitive advantage with products, which their competition has yet to discover. They do have huge room for improvement, but COMMPEAK’s current state can solicit tastes of different players, big and small, which is an evidence these guys are doing a good job.

FTT Score

Based on the review above, on the scale from 1 to 10, our FinTechTycoon expert score is a reasonable



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