ECOMMPAY Payment Solution Provider - the Real Deal or No Deal at All?

ECOMMPAY Payment Solution Provider – the Real Deal or No Deal at All?

ECOMMPAY, founded in 2012, is a payment solutions provider offering what it claims to allow forex brokers to set up a merchant account with minimal hassle. It is a vital service for brokers to accept payments in a safe and secure manner as a lot of leading banks tend to avoid the forex industry and often avoid opening merchant accounts for this reason.

The technology provider is based in London and comes under the regulation of the respected UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This ECOMMPAY review looks at the various aspects of the offering that has been popular in the brokerage space in recent times.

The Company’s Services At a Glance

ECOMMPAY has a number of services that it provides to brokers. Through its Global acquiring service, it allows brokers to accept payments from all around the world. ECOMMPAY also allows brokers to administer secure payouts on an individual and mass level globally.

The Gate2Europe system is a dedicated payment portal for brokerage services to European customers. The reason why ECOMMPAY has a specialized solution only for Europe is related to the various specifics (KYC, legal, tax and technical aspects of the payments), which apply when working with clients within the EU. ECOMMPAY claims it has more than 100 viable options, although it is really not a numbers game when it comes to payment solutions – most clients work with the most reputable or convenient ones and avoid the more niche options.

Worth mentioning, ECOMMPAY has a similar offering, called Gate2Asia, doing the same thing but for the growing Asian market.

Mobile payments are hassle free as well. Native payment gateways for iOS and Android versions are available and relatively easy to set by the integration/development teams.

The ECOMMPAY: Integration, Specification and Advantages

The ECOMMPAY integration process is rather smooth, but before you get to it, the company has to approve you as their client. In order to enroll, the brokerage has to “Apply”. During the initial KYC process, it has to provide thorough information about its needs, which always sounds a bit strange, when you are looking for someone who will effectively take your money. Maybe this is a result of this PSP’s past experience with untrustworthy companies, but what businesses have to know before considering working with ECOMMPAY is its initial threshold – they would not bother unless the prospective client already has a turnover that exceeds EUR 50,000.

So if you are just getting started, ECOMMPAY is not the place to go, and you might be better of pinging us for advice.


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Once the business is accepted though, the integration team of ECOMMPAY will help with setting up the payment page and all other specifics related to merchants’ corporate identity. There is a comprehensive documentation about integrating ECOMMPAY’s solutions with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Open Cart, osCommerce, WordPress, Prestashop, Bitrix and others.

Clients also have access to a risk management system that aims to prevent fraud. This is where the brokerage can manually monitor the system. Detailed analytics are also available, and all sensitive data is properly handled, while the access to it is based on the different permissions the brokerage grants to its officers.

As far as results go, ECOMMPAY’s promise is rather usual for a PSP in the fintech industry, namely: 97% fraud detection rate, 95% payment platform conversion, +35% conversion boost, +20% business efficiency (still wondering what this means) and +17% payment acceptance. 


Naturally, when dealing with a payment solutions provider, security is going to be at the top of the requirements list. The company’s PCI DSS 3.2 certified payment gateway facility is an omni-channel payment process that has a range of risk management technology that is constantly assessing any potential threats.

ECOMMPAY takes great pride in the fact they are regulated as an authorized payment institution (API) by one of the leading regulatory bodies in the world of finance, the FCA in the UK. And for those of you who do not know, the FCA is the real deal.

Customer Support

ECOMMPAY promises around the clock monitoring of their integrated payment system, highlighting the potential red flags straight away. Clients can get in touch via a personal key account manager. ECOMMPAY claims these managers are not just normal customer support, but veterans of the digital payment space. They will work alongside tech support and risk analysis to offer a comprehensive client management service. We are confident this is also accounted for in the price.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, ECOMMPAY makes a great effort to present itself as the real deal. It is properly regulated, has a whole host of quality services and it looks after its clients around the clock. At the same time, its corporate tone of voice sounds like they are not targeting newbie companies, so startup entrepreneurs might have to look for alternatives. 

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