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We are a team of experts in FinTech who live and breathe with world’s financial markets. While all of us have expertise in different domains of FinTech, we are gathered by one goal – review what we believe to be the most popular brands in the industry. These reviews aim to help other entrepreneurs, who are walking on similar paths, to make informed choices and… make money.

In our reviews we try to be as objective as possible, but there are details which we sometimes intentionally do not share with our readers. We do that either because these details represent end-cases, which are interesting only for a limited number of users, or because the information we have was gathered in a rather confidential fashion. But we do know who’s who in FinTech, and we know who’s not anyone.

That is why we created our “ARE YOU A BROKER” quiz, located above and throughout our site. Fill it out if you want to get in touch and get recommendations for products and services in particular market fields. Our specialties include Trading Platforms, Payment Solutions, CRM and Business Intelligence Platforms, as well as we know a bit or two in Legal. Once you submit your inquiry, one of us will get in touch to better understand your needs.

Our services are free of charge for you! We have other ways to monetize.

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