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Is Coperato the Right VOIP Solution for a Starting Brokerage? Read Our Review

COPERATO is a VoIP company that offers a variety of call center solutions to businesses. The company is based in Israel and it has been working in the IT services industry for more than 15 years, with its VoIP services solutions being a part of the business for the past five years or so.

Its aim is to be a one-stop-shop for all types of businesses that are looking for quick and quality customer engagement. There is a large selection of different services and features that you can check out through this offering.

This COPERATO review looks at the ins and outs of the offering, giving you a good idea as to whether or not this business would be a good fit for your needs.


Product Offering

The COPERATO VoIP platform has been specifically designed to help fulfill the various needs of different businesses. This platform can be used to communicate both with clients and with staff. There is coverage for over 70 countries.

As VoIP takes place over the internet rather than having to use traditional phone lines, it is going to be a more cost-effective option. COPERATO is up and running around the clock, which is ideal when you are looking to deliver exemplary customer service.

Some of the specific call center solutions on offer through COPERATO include: premium VoIP termination, manager dashboards, API integrations, reports and analytic, secured private cloud, self-service billing platform, daily spam checks and automatic numbers replacements.


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Overall, the VoIP offering at COPERATO is quite extensive. The company also offers IT services and other customer engagement solutions such as its mass SMS platform.



Through the COPERATO business VoIP solutions, the company aims to provide its clients with a competitive edge over their competitors. It aims to be cost-effective and cheaper than traditional call center offerings, something that it certainly delivers on.

The cost of your VoIP package will vary depending on the size of the server you are looking to use. Server sized is based on the number of agents you are planning to use. These will be monthly pricing deals, with a small, medium and large option.

There are setup fees for arranging a local number, as well as a monthly maintenance fee. The cost per minute pricing for different destinations is ultra-low. As everything is prepaid, all you need to do is add funds to the COPERATO system.

The pricing plans at COPERATO are certainly competitive when it comes to the wider VoIP industry and COPERATO has more experience in this field than many of its competitors. Therefore, you are getting this experience included in the decent price that you will be paying for this VoIP package.


Account Types

When you sign up for a package with COPERATO, you will then get access to a lot of quality support if needed. The company is dedicated to providing excellent service to its clients, utilizing its own products to ensure that effective lines of communication are always open.

When you sign up for a package, there is a promise of same-day setup, which is ideal if you are trying to get this system up and running as soon as possible. There will also be 24/7 personal support services on offer, so it doesn’t matter what time zone you are working in, you will still have support on hand if needed.



COPERATO certainly ticks most of the boxes when it comes to a VoIP provider. It has a proven track record in the space, having been at the forefront of this new technology in recent years. It has a reliable platform with a great selection of different features.

You will get a cost-effective package with same-day support and around the clock support if needed. Overall, COPERATO is a good choice for a business that is looking for a comprehensive VoIP service.

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