Why the Bundles Trading Platform by Trading Cores has Disrupted the Financial Markets -

Why the Bundles Trading Platform by Trading Cores has Disrupted the Financial Markets

A well-established name in the financial industry, Trading Cores has focused its efforts and expertise in developing and delivering a whole range of innovative, user-friendly and easy to use trading platforms. Regular updates result in the platforms’ stable performance. They also ensure that they are always a good fit to the constantly evolving online trading industry. This review is focused on just one of the aspects of this business: the bundles trading platform. Let’s review it.

What Bundles Actually Are

Bundles introduce a revolutionary new way of trading in contracts for difference. They give the unique flexibility of combining a selection of different assets from different classes and grouping them into a single product, or bundle. A bundle can be comprised of stocks, indices, commodities, Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies or themes. You can modify the leverage and weight of each unit in the structured product. Thanks to this diversification, traders’ risk management is brought to a whole different level.

Trading Cores Bundles

People may ask themselves what helps Trading Cores attract an ever growing number of traders so quickly. The complexity of most traditional FX and CFD instruments has often been a barrier to the more massive entry of clients with different levels of experience into the broad market. Bundles, however, have brought the much desired simplicity into the trading industry. As a result, the learning curve for new traders has been substantially reduced.


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The Bundle platform of Trading Cores opens up a whole new world of opportunities for online brokers and traders alike. Its intuitive interface and the flexibility it brings make it a preferred choice for both advanced and inexperienced clients.

The Trading Cores Bundle Trading Platform

One of the key features that make the software unique is the ability it gives you to virtually make your own diversified CFDs. Forex pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, crypto currencies – they can be all bundled together. Brokers need no longer offer the usual trading assets that have been around for decades. Now they have the unique opportunity to deliver a brand new product just at the right moment.

Trading Cores Bundles Diversified CFDs

Not only does the software enable users to make trading instruments of their own, but it allows them to choose the direction (buy or sell), the leverage and the weight of each asset within the structured product. Furthermore, each of these parameters can be modified at any given moment after the creation of the bundle. This high level of customization gives companies the chance to be as flexible as possible in meeting the specific demands of the diverse client base.

Trading Cores Bundles - Direction

Another built-in feature are the mandatory stop loss and take profit orders. These can be modified from the broker’s side and are subject to change at any time. Of course, positions can also be closed at market price with just a single click. This feature not only encourages trading, but also boosts traders’ risk management procedures. Stop loss orders in particular serve as protection to clients’ capital, which they often ignore in conventional trading. It has been proven that this compulsory presence of a stop loss keeps traders afloat for much longer periods. This, of course is great news for online brokers.

The Regulatory Compliance of the Trading Cores Bundles

For companies working within the financial industry it is absolutely critical to remain fully compliant with regulatory requirements. As such, they must offer trading platforms that are 100% compliant.

The great number of customizable features for each bundle make the platform 100% compliant with regulations.

With the bundle trading platform, brokers can rest assured that they fully meet the requirements of even the most strict regulators, including the FCA, CySec and ASIC. To begin with, a trader can invest a fixed amount of money, which makes it impossible to lose more than his initial investment. Trading Cores has made sure it does not cross this red line of most regulatory bodies.

A trader can invest a fixed amount of money, which makes it impossible to lose more than his initial investment.

The presence of stop loss and take profit orders for every single position is yet another step in the right direction. Last but not least in terms of importance, the flexible approach to leverage enables brokers to meet the different requirements that regulators across the globe impose. These vary greatly for the margins of the separate asset classes, on one hand, and for retail and professional clients, on the other.


Security is absolutely crucial in online trading. For this reason, Trading Cores has clearly taken it as a top priority. Clients’ password protection is guaranteed by a top-level encryption algorithm. From our experience of using the software, we can confirm that it delivers solid performance without interruptions. This is absolutely key in the dynamic financial markets. The company’s feed provider is one of the leading players in the industry. It delivers stable quotes for the instruments the platform features, which adds another layer to the overall solid security of the system.

Trading Cores Customer Service

Trading Cores provide 24/7 customer support services in multiple languages via phone, Skype, email and an integrated website chat. Our interactions with client care employees from this company have assured us that their professionalism is on a really high level. This enables them to assist people with both easy day-to-day inquiries and more complex technical issues. Waiting times are kept to an absolute minimum despite the heavy workload typical for the Forex and CFD industry.

Final Thoughts

You could be forgiven for doubting Trading Cores when they announced that they were working on a unique platform that would disrupt the financial markets. However now it is plain to see that the bundles trading software is as innovative and exciting as promised. The platform offers a new simple and intuitive way of trading CFDs. This is why it has been attracting a growing number of both professional and amateur users. The high level of system security and the professional customer support services just add up to a great user experience.

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