Payneteasy Payment Gateway Review - Hit or Miss? payneteasy

Payneteasy Payment Gateway Review – Hit or Miss?

Payneteasy is a payment platform provider with a diverse global client base, varying from banks to PSPs and big online businesses. Established in 2006, the company has a claim to offer much more than just a payment gateway.

It has a certified global platform featuring an extensive list of integrated payment options, customized solutions tailored to any financial business and an extensive expertise in the industry, which are some of the reasons why a number of banks, PSPs, e-commerce and fintech firms have chosen to team up with Payneteasy.

Offered Solutions

Payneteasy Payment Gateway is a complete processing solution for e-commerce, m-commerce and alternative payment methods. The system has multi-currency support, conversion tools and a framework allowing p2p transfers like: credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and more. The platform is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which should mean a high level of protection for customers’ sensitive data.

Potential clients get what they need – the system’s gateway white label solution allows full branding. At the respective cost a business gets an absolutely ready to use PCI DSS system, without having to spend much more on product development. Furthermore, the platform works without inline frames and redirects, and its uptime track record is 99.997%.

Fintegrate Cashier is a single interface platform capable of consolidating the multiple payment options a financial business is using into a unified management system. It has more than 350 payment options integrated, such as: credit and debit card processors, APMs, bank wire transfers and crypto wallets.The cashier is flexible enough as it allows merchants to set their payment page based on currencies, countries, languages and so on.

With the specialized support of Payneteasy’s Support Team, Fintegrate could be integrated to your CRM. New payment providers of broker’s choice can be added at any moment following the initial setup. Similar to most of the good payment platform out there, Fintegrate also aims to optimize merchant’s payment strategy and to increase their acceptance rates, giving tools for traffic management and reconciliation with payment providers.


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The SDK for mPOS and POS terminals is designed for businesses that want to start accepting credit and debit card payments. The solution is connected to a large number of acquirers. Even if the bank is not in the long list, the integration can be done free of charge.

The mPOS and POS terminals support most transaction types with standard chip, magnet and contactless cards including Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. The application saves all customer signatures and transaction logs, which serves as an evidence that potential disputes are resolved swiftly.


The tailor-made projects effectively allow for present and potential clients to get suitable solutions to their payment needs. A team of professionals will take care of the full project research, planning and implementation in a rather quick manner.


Payneteasy’s systems are designed for high loads. In fact, a proprietary standalone platform powered by the company’s technologies can withstand up to 10 million transactions per day. Operation stability on a 24/7 basis is achieved by setting up the processing centers on two platforms, in Amsterdam and in Moscow. They are connected by a fail-safe channel, which means that even in case of issues with accessing one of the platforms, clients’ payment solution should carry on working on the other one, with its capacity unchanged. Standard for the industry, the entire infrastructure is PCI DSS compliant.

Customer Support

The company keeps its standards for the customer support service high. Clients can be assisted on a 24/7 basis in multiple languages. Contact with the team is possible via phone and email. The company has a large technical unit responsible for carrying out routine technical checks of the system performance.

Final Thoughts

With over a decade of experience in the financial markets and expertise in payment solutions, Payneteasy has built their name in the industry. Their product offering includes a white label payment gateway, a cashier system with wide coverage of providers and a rather user-friendly SDK for mPOS and POS terminals integration. The company can also provide tailor-made solutions, which come at their respective prices. If you still feel like you need an advice on the right PSP offering for your business, ping us.

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