PROFTIT CRM - In-Depth Review proftit crm business

PROFTIT CRM – In-Depth Review

PROFTIT is a well-established name in the financial industry. This international company unites a skilled collective of professionals from diverse areas, spanning from finance to computer science. In our view, this market leading tech. company is best known for its state of the art CRM. PROFTIT CRM has been designed to provide a fully comprehensive solution for every business operating in the finance or gaming industry. The platform combines a light, user-friendly interface with unmatched functionality. The management system enables businesses to create long-lasting customer relationships.

PROFTIT CRM’s Main Tools

Let’s now go into more detail in order to get a clearer picture of the PROFTIT CRM. There are a variety of features that can make the work of a Sales department much smoother and more efficient. To begin with, the “trader’s insights”, the “highlights” and the localization functionality all provide agents with the strong advantage of knowing all the key information about a client in a glance. This directly results in a much more enhanced and productive communication with that client. The trading activity and trading history sections expose key figures like a client’s balance, equity, P&L, margin levels, and so on without the need for accessing another piece of software like the MT4 Manager, for example. Finally, the platform has a “smart lead splitting” function, which automatically assigns leads or already existing clients to the optimal agents.

The variety of marketing tools provides the necessary framework for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ needs and desires. As a result, a business gets higher quality leads and a much higher percent of satisfied clients. The end-to-end management package brings the knowledge of the company-specific marketing funnels to a whole new level, which in turn increases the return on investment. The system allows internal and external marketing campaigns to be closely tracked, and this ultimately optimizes their performance. In a bid to achieve better email marketing, the CRM has a broad range of features for messaging.


The management tools integrated in Proftit CRM provide the necessary framework for control of the entire organization from a unified system. To begin with, the system allows a business to manage multiple brands and trading platforms. The Multi-Brands feature allows the broker to maintain multiple brands under the same platform access, which makes it extremely easy to onboard and track agent and user activity. A top level of security is guaranteed by means of smart permissions, which brings about a strong grip on access. The CRM offers a flexible payment clearing solution, thus facilitating the processing from diverse geographical locations. What makes the system even more useful for a company is the rather rich yet easy to use marketing campaign management functionality.

The PROFTIT CRM has another key element which helps the company stand out from its competitors: an advanced, powerful and intuitive reporting section. Each report provides a different angle into clients’ behavior, payments, marketing campaigns, etc., which provides the entire set of data a business needs to make informed decisions. The reports are customizable and have graphs which help for the better visualization of the stats.


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Last but not least, the notification center allows for reports to be scheduled and delivered directly to employees’ inbox. The system deals with the notifications management in a way that alerts the necessary figures of their urgent tasks, so that there are no more missed duties and processes are prioritized.



The Unique Features Of the Platform

The Achievement Center is a top feature allowing management to more objectively assess the performance and achievements of its employees.PROFTIT CRM

This innovation solves common problems like:

  • lack of transparency;
  • low performance of staff members due to the inability of the relevant people in charge to monitor the processes;
  • lack of objective performance measures;

and so on.

Not only that the tracking criteria is mind-blowing, but it also further expands, what looks like – PROFTIT’s core belief – cross-brand, corss-platform flexibility for managing and monitoring progress.


The Achievement Center
is of great help in recognizing the team’s strengths and weaknesses, setting the right performance indicators, rewarding top performers and raising profit through positive competition.

Achievement Center - Leaderboard

The smart tracking of advertisements is yet another pearl in PROFTIT’s crown. With this solution a you can be sure that there will be no more losses of ad-related information and no more mistakes in the distribution of funds stemming from incorrect data. The unified system is capable of tracking both online and offline campaigns which brings about its accuracy. Furthermore, it allows full post back and pixel integration, and it can be easily connected to an API.



We live in a world in which millions of dollars are paid for cyber security every day. The protection of personal and financial data, in this sense, is a top priority both on an individual and on a corporate level. With its solid expertise in the industry, PROFTIT has learned this better than any other company. For this reason, it has a dedicated team of professionals who do whatever it takes to keep the company and its partners’ businesses clear from threats.

Achievement Center

The CRM uses one of the latest encryption technologies to guarantee that sensitive data is safe and sound. Much is done to ensure that each employee of the company is granted access only to the information he needs in order to do his job. These restrictions are enforced by means of complex passwords, IP restrictions and multi-factor authentication.

Customer Support

All PROFTIT clients are entitled to professional 24/7 multi-language customer care service. Those in need of assistance can get in touch via phone, email and Skype. A strong advantage of working with this company is the fact that its dedicated support team always strives to keep waiting time to an absolute minimum and never leaves open tasks for long. The technical support team complements the work of the customer care department. It operates as a second line of support for more complicated technical issues. The unit is constantly monitoring the infrastructure to guarantee consistent system stability.

Voices from the Industry

Almost everyone from the industry experts we spoke with about the PROFTIT CRM platform emphasised on its flexibility to handle multiple scenarios for brokerages of all sizes and background at what was considered as – very reasonable terms. “The multi-brand functionality is PROFTIT’s unique advantage, I think no one else offers that. And even if they do, it doesn’t come with the whole package”, an industry veteran shared for the FTT editors. “Everything is in one system, you don’t have to remember different URLs, you don’t have to maintain complicated records of different accesses – everything is at one place and it’s being organized extremely well”, another expert added.


The choice of CRM is crucial in ensuring the ultimate success of a financial or a gaming business. PROFTIT has a business solution for the more sharp-sighted managers who perceive the operation within the industry as something more than just a gamble. PROFTIT CRM attracts many clients around the globe with its flawlessly working management, sales, marketing and reporting tools; its unique features like the Achievement Center and the smart tracking of advertisements; the strong layer of security guaranteeing that clients’ sensitive data is covered; and, of course, the premium services offered by the company’s customer support team.

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