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The Ultimate Guide to Antelope CRM’s Product Offering

Antelope Systems is a fintech firm providing innovative B2B solutions. It has many years of experience under its belt, particularly in software development for the call center segment. For this reason, the company’s proprietary CRM is trying to meet the specific needs of the sales and retention departments. Antelope CRM has put a special emphasis on unifying the smooth functioning between marketing, lead management and phone systems into a single optimized package. Did they hold their promise? Read our review to find out.

Antelope Systems CRM Offering

The CRM developed by Antelope has a mid-level of automatization, which allows for good control over the call center, but lacks in some of the functions needed for a Forex and CFD brokerage. The client section has a rich function set and a variety of filtering options.

Antelope CRM

Once a client is selected, a number of subsections display information about his deposits and withdrawals, trading activity, details of sent messages or received calls by company agents and about his active sessions. In our view, Antelope Systems should dedicate some effort in providing more diverse trading stats and information about clients’ accounts, as this data is key for the Dealing and Risk departments of an online broker.


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The highlight of the CRM, is the company’s lead distribution engine, the so-called “Ninja”. A great degree of automatization and smart processing ensures that the hottest leads are distributed to the right people. Ideally, these would be the most experienced agents with top scores in the system, who have a higher chance of conversion. Ninja can be connected to every VOIP system and every mail client system. It has a message board used for notes, reminders and exchange of messages about clients between agents. 

Antelope CRM

The retention dashboard is also a key feature of the CRM. Retention employees are using it, rather than using the Ninja, which is developed specifically to cover the needs of sales agents. The dashboard has a rich functionality and a relatively high degree of automatization. Agents have the chance to see a lot of information about traders, including but not limited to active and inactive clients, open and closed positions, balance, equity and margin levels, margin calls and stop outs. This information is absolutely crucial for them to decide when the best moment to call a client is. 

Antelope CRM

Antelope CRM’s most important feature is the Call Manager. It is effectively a tool giving full control over the action of sales and retention agents in real-time. It allows managers to see what employees are doing in detail. This makes it a much better option compared to the use of reports, and Antelope Systems claims that conversion rate receives a 20% boost as a direct result of the visibility this feature provides.

Antelope CRM

Customer Service

Antelope CRM provides a 24/7 support service in several languages to all its business clients. Employees in charge of the customer care are friendly and in most cases do not leave open tasks for long. In case something cannot be resolved quickly, it is transferred to the more specialized technical support team. Sometimes during the weekends it is more difficult to find swift assistance, especially if the issue is more pressing. Such situations might take you several phone calls in order to sort out the issue, which in our view is something that could do with improvement.

Voices from the Industry

Although Antelope CRM is still far from being a wildly recognized brand in the fintech industry, we still found some industry experts who shared their opinion on the product offering of the company. Antelope CRM’s main feature – the Call Manager – was recognized as an interesting tool for tracking agent activities real time, which is always helpful if you are running a call center. And while the overall CRM functionality is very basic, it looks like they did a good job with the user interface – “everything is where it should be”, one of our external experts said. 


Antelope Systems is offering solutions, which best fit companies that rely heavily on call centres as means to attract clients to its Forex and CFD broker. While their services in this field are top-class, less attention is paid to the dealing and risk aspect of the business, and for this reason, these tools remain a bit underdeveloped. System safety is prioritized so online brokers can rest assured that their sensitive data is well protected. A good start but still a lot of work to be done on their end. So ping us if you want further advice.

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