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What Makes Trading Cores WebTrader Shine So Bright?

Trading Cores has been around for quite some time in the world of online trading. Most industry professionals know the company for its innovative trading software solutions. Trading Cores platforms are user-friendly and easy to use, yet they provide the necessary framework for a supreme trading experience. This review is focused on one of the best pieces of software the business offers – the WebTrader.

The WebTrader Charts

The platform charts look fancy and most importantly, they run smoothly. There are three chart types available; line, bar and candle. Charting tools are limited in number, but the most important ones are available, which allows traders to conduct technical analysis. The WebTrader enables you to trade directly  from charts. This feature not only allows you to make deals in literally a couple of clicks, but makes the software handy for professional traders too.

The platform charts look fancy and most importantly, they run smoothly

Assets Grouped Neatly in Classes

Among the first things traders like to see upon logging into a platform are the instruments available for trading. If they are simply listed in alphabetical order, this creates unnecessary complications in finding the desired assets. A user does not need to worry about that in Trading Cores WebTrader, as all instruments are grouped according to their asset class. There is an integrated search which makes finding the necessary symbol fast and easy.

Аll instruments are grouped according to their asset class

Each asset has an information box, which provides its thorough specification. This is the place where a trader can find key details such as: contract size, quoted currency, min. and max. order size, swap (interest) for long and short positions, trading hours and more. These are absolutely critical when it comes to trading and money management on a retail level.

Each asset has an information box, which provides its thorough specification

An Order Window Which Provides Flexibility

The order window in Trading Cores WebTrader combines a fancy look and functionality. Traders we have received user feedback from, report that the feature really makes the process of making a deal much more efficient. Each order window has a tool calculating the margin amount (in the account base currency) corresponding to any input position size. There is an option to attach a limit and a stop order to each trade, no matter if the order you are placing is a pending order or one for direct market execution. In addition, pending orders can be Good Till Cancelled (GTC) or can have an expiry date and time, to be set by the client.

The order window in Trading Cores Web trader combines a fancy look and functionality


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Track Your Positions and Orders From a Single Place

In Trading Cores WebTrader, one has the convenience to track the floating PnL of his open positions (including the accumulated swap so far), his pending orders and his closed trades from a single window. In the right hand bottom corner of the screen, just below the Positions/Orders/History window, a user can see important real-time information about his account like: balance, equity, free margin, floating PnL, etc.

Тrack your floating PnL, pending orders and closed trades from a single window


Trading Cores knows how important security is in online trading and keeps its standards in this respect really high. Clients’ password protection is guaranteed by a cutting-edge encryption algorithm. The software delivers solid performance, and from our experience with it, we have not seen any interruptions. This is absolutely critical in the often volatile financial markets.

Trading Cores Customer Service

The company provides multi-language customer care service, on a 24/7 basis. Support agents can be contacted via phone, Skype, email and thorugh integrated website chat. From our interactions with customer support employees, we can conclude that their professionalism is at a very high level. More complex technical issues are also dealt with promptly. Thumbs up to this customer care team for  professionalism, as they manage to keep waiting times to an absolute minimum, in spite of the heavy workload typical to the Forex and CFD industry.

Final Thoughts

With its light user-friendly interface, smooth operation, and quite a few decent features, Trading Cores WebTrader is a really good pick for any client, no matter his level of experience. The platform is neat and well-organized, thus allowing assets, reports and other functions to be easily found and used. The charts look rather fancy and have the right tools for technical analysis. Orders can be placed directly from the chart, which makes trading much faster and more convenient. So, if you are looking for the right web platform for your brokerage, this one here is a really good pick.

FTT Score

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